12-13 Tammuz, Chag HaGeula: A Sicha in Three Parts; Part Two

12-13 Tammuz, Chag HaGeula: A Sicha in Three Parts; Part Two

II. G’ula

The Frierdiker Rebbe’s redemption on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz came about as a result of being imprisoned. A redemption happens only when there is first some form of imprisonment—and even in his imprisonment, the Frierdiker Rebbe had everyone in mind.

The Frierdiker Rebbe incarcerated in the stead of others. In fact, his imprisonment wasn’t because of some personal reason— he was put in jail for spreading Torah and protecting mitzvos. Every Jew in that time a place  had  the responsibility of spreading Torah and protecting mitzvos! The Frierdiker Rebbe was at their head leading the cause, and in the view of the Yevsektzia (the Jewish section of the KGB) the Rebbe was deserving of prison. In reality they should have arrested everyone involved in the Rebbe’s cause!

The Rebbe took the punishment on alone and “discharged” everyone of their “obligation”. The Rebbe endured imprisonment and the torture before and after! Only a select few merited to receive abuse (1).

The opposite is true about the redemption and the yom tov established on its anniversary. When Jews establish a yom tov here Below, the Heavenly Court accepts it, the yom tov which we pasken’t on High becomes a day when all the merit of the original day is continued; all the influence related to Torah and mitzvos.

When it came to the yom tov, the Frierdiker Rebbe didn’t keep it to himself like he did the  imprisonment and “discharge” us of the obligation to celebrate. He caused that every Jew should be able to participate in his rejoicing, in his yom tov. He caused that every Jew should inspire his household and his environment with the story behind the yom tov. He caused that we should explain the sorrow and crying and how it became a redemption. He caused that every Jew should participate with his money, body and soul.

1. This is related to the idea that hardship in this world is a “polishing” of the soul.

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